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Dancing on the Moon

Anno di produzione: 2022
Genere: Pop

Testo, musica e arrangiamenti: Mattia Brivio

I feel so foolish, you know
when fire burns in my soul
walking soft like dancing on the moon
something is shining in my eyes
something is growing in my mind
can you hear the calling of the loon?
Looking down the world is spinnig again
and the troubles seem so far away
Looking up the stars are shining bright
an easy way to heal your life

So donít you care about the rules?
you want to rise up from the mud
walking soft like dancing on the moon
sometimes i tried these ways
sometimes I loved these days
when the sun revives in my mood
the sky is blue even if the clouds are grey
just look beyond the rain inside your brain
keep on moving and donít stay still on the chair
and feel as light as the air

Snooty people are smaller than
the shadows of their ego when
you try to see the world from here
in a light atmosphere
and I know this is not right
one day I will have to face
all the hardness of the life but this is not the day


- Tastiera/Arranger Kord EK-50L
- Chitarra Elettrica Stagg Stratocaster
- Mixer digitale: Mackie ProFx 12
- Microfono: Neewer NW-800
- Software mixing Audacity e Cakewalk
- Mastering finale: BandLab

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Mattia Brivio - Arrangiatore, Compositore, Cantautore

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